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Offer a gift certificate

You want to buy a gift certificate for a person of your choice? This person will receive the check for € 25 to € 200 in a beautiful envelope to be used in all stores les Tissus du Chien Vert. Choose a gift voucher (French or Dutch), and deposit the check in the basket (as for any product on the website). Then follow the further payment guidelines. During your order you will be asked to choose a delivery address. If you want the gift voucher to be sent to the person to whom you are offering this check, it is enough to directly enter the address of this person. If you wish to receive the check at your home, fill your own address. The check will be forwarded by mail to the addressee in a beautiful envelope with your name on it.

To use a gift voucher

You were offered a gift voucher and you want to use it.
Appointment in one of the four stores Les tissus du Chien Vert in Brussels, Waterloo or Hognoul where you can make your choice among the thousands of suggested references: Clothing, furniture and decorative fabrics, trimmings, buttons, braids, stores, rails etc ...
This check is valid in all our stores, for one year beyond the period of the sales and cannot be combined with other promotions. The check must be used in its entirety; there is no refund available at the cash register.




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