Les Tissus du Chien Vert & les Puces du Chien

The biggest choice of clothing, haberdashery and sewing material. Discover our wide selection of clothing fabrics in cotton, polyester, lycra, elastomeric yarn, wool, stretch, lace, mesh and knitwear, terry, velvet, denim, silk fabrics, quilting fabrics, printed or plain in more than 2,000 variations, as well as a wide range of faux fur. The back of our fabric shop in Brussels hides a beautiful space of almost 400m ² hidden, ideal for discoveries. In the area of "les Puces du Chien", you will discover thousands of fabrics for sale at reduced prices and really attractive promotions. All products followed in the store, are represented.


Groene Hondstraat n ° 2-1080 Brussels
Tel 0032 2 411 54 39
Open Monday to Saturday from 10h à 18h00

See the plan of the shop in Brussels

Metro: Station "Graaf van Vlaanderen" Line 1 and 5
Tram n ° 51 stop "klein kasteeltje" or "Vlaamse poort"

Le Chien du Chien

Only 75 meters from the fabric store les Tissus du Chien Vert, a former foundry was transformed into a fantastic space, a dream spot where we propoe a collection of upholstery and haberdashery that will steal your heart.

Our large collection of high quality upholstery and decorative items made up of jacquards, velvet, damask.
various types of skins, predominantly sheep skin, in various colors and sizes
A large selection of printed cotton with fresh and playful children's motives.
The largest selection of silk, satin, sponges fabrics and crêpes.
Oilcloth, imitation leather and Skaï for decoration and upholstery.
Collections of the biggest publishers like Chivasso, Kobe, Harlequin,
Houles, etc...

A complete collection of linen, cloth and voilages in cotton and polyester. The linen fabrics are very elaborate creations from Belgian publishers.

Confection of curtains, blinds and Japanese panels


Koolmijnkaai n ° 50a - 1080 Brussels
Tel 0032 2 414 84 00
Open Monday to Saturday from 10h à 18h00

See the plan of the shop in Brussels

Metro : Station " Graaf van Vlanderen " Line 1 and 5
Tram n ° 51 stop " klein kasteeltje " or "Vlaamse poort "


Upholstery , clothing fabrics, haberdashery and trimmings , oilcloth in Waterloo

Brusselsetsteenweg n ° 368 - 1410 Waterloo
Tel 0032 2 354 29 17

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 18h

See the plan of the store in Waterloo

Across the Quick restaurant
Busstop TEC, "Little Paris" ( zone 23 )

HOGNOUL ( Liège )

Upholstery , custom clothing , clothing fabrics , haberdashery and trimmings , oilcloth and fake leather in Hognoul

.Rue Chaussée n ° 25-4342 Hognoul

The store is located inside shopping Hognoul - entrance through the parking lot of Ikea

Tel. 0032 4 221 38 62

Open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h00

See the plan of the store in Hognoul

Bus: Tec n ° 75 , stop HOGNOUL Commercial zoning

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